Our Home is Your Home!

We are your local family-owned and operated westside furniture and home decor consignment store! Our motto is: every thing has a someone! Come on in and cozy up to something new to you!

We carry all things big and small to help make your home even homier! A variety of styles and price ranges make it easy and fun to shop for that perfect item that has been carefully curated from local Portlanders just like you!

Need more reasons to shop and consign locally?

  • You never know what you’re going to find! 
  • We do all the work for you! We’ve made sure the items are in great condition, no surprises!
  • No more failed arrangements for pick-up or worrying about meeting with strangers or having them in your home.
  • We take all major credit cards – opening up more options for buyers.
  • Our items are visible to a large number of people thru store front access, social media posts and word of mouth from our fabulous customers.
  • You may have come in for one thing but you may just find another item that goes perfectly without having to search online forever!
  • We are open 7 days a week with set hours so people can come and go and there is no obligation for you to buy something and no guilt for checking things out!
  • Your purchase keeps local dollars local and that is good for the whole community!
  • Reducing and reusing is just plain rad!

Whether you are looking to find a new-to-you item or find a new home for your no-longer-needed items, we’ve got you covered!


At Hoot-n-Annie Home you’ll find everything kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living space at a fraction of retail! From mid-century to modern and eclectic to contemporary, you’re sure to find something that will inspire you or complete your home!

A longtime passion for decor, design and organization is now brought to life in this little shop! We strive to offer you a great variety of new and excellent condition pre-owned items at affordable prices. The  magic of resale is never knowing what treasures will be found. There is such a thing as reverse-buyers remorse! If you see something you love or sparks something within you, the chances of it sticking around or coming across another one is slim. Seize the moment and claim it as your own! Prefer to come in with a plan or have an idea already in mind? We can help! Tell us what you are envisioning and we will let you know what may work perfectly! 

With new arrivals added daily, be sure and stop by often! Don’t see what you want today? We are happy to add you to our wishlist and call when your desired home good rolls in!

Consign With Us!

Have you just finished a major purge or needing a reason to start one? Consign with us and make something back on those excellent condition, no-longer-needed items! We truly believe in our motto that every thing has a someone! And a new home is waiting just around the corner!

How it Works:

Bring in your items for consignment anytime Tuesday thru Saturday from 10am to 5pm.

If there is a wait, feel free to shop or run errands and come back by before we close. Items not picked up within 48 hours will be donated as we do not have storage space.

You may bring 1 bin per visit and up to 4 items the size of a dining chair or smaller.

For items larger than a dining chair, please submit a photo via email and include the following information: brand, dimension, material, how old the item is, original cost and and what you are looking to make for it.

Please keep in mind that items that are approved via email are still subject to review in person and may be declined if it is found to have too much wear, staining, functional or visual flaws.

We will give you a slip with the number of items taken and the expiration date. Due to the number of consignors, we are not able to contact you when items sell. It is the consignors responsibility to track this date. We suggest putting the date in your phone or calendar or putting the slip on your fridge as a reminder to follow-up.

Typically items are priced at 30-60% of retail. We love to work with the consignor on pricing. Ultimately we will consider value, condition, demand and availability along with knowledge of market value and what our customers will pay for like items in order to determine final pricing.

Your approved items will be inventoried and placed on the sales floor for 60 days.

As items sell, the funds will go directly into your account. You will be paid 50% of the selling price and you can either use your money as store credit, cash it out, or a little of both. You can call or come by anytime to inquire about your balance.

You will have a 10 day grace period to retrieve any items that did not sell. After 10 days, the items become property of Hoot-n-Annie Home to discount or donate. We are partnering with Community Warehouse for our donations. They are doing amazing things for those in need right here in our city. Learn more about them here: http://www.communitywarehouse.org

We reserve the right to discount items at anytime during the consignment period if deemed necessary for a faster sale due to lack of interest or a missed flaw.

We are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. However, we will always do our best to make things right!

Items We Accept:

  • Furniture such as dining tables and chairs, couches and other seating, desks, shelves, dressers, side tables, coffee tables, end tables, tv stands, armoires + hutches*, bar stools, ottomans and storage furniture.
  • Kitchen items such as dishware, serviceware, cookware, bakeware, cooking gadgets, food storage, table cloths, seat cushions, hand towels and other linens, cookbooks and kitchen decor.
  • Bed and bath items such as comforters, blankets, sheets, shower curtains, bath mats, towels, throw pillows, jewelry holders, decorative boxes, NEW candles, closet organization, bath counter accessories, bedroom and bathroom decor and NEW soaps, lotions and scents.
  • Art, frames, lamps (must have bulb), mirrors, rugs, live plants and planters, pottery, decorative pieces of all styles and storage baskets.
  • Antiques and collectibles.

*the asterisk indicates items that we are holding off on for now as they are not selling well.

Items We DO NOT Accept:

  • Bedframes
  • Mattresses
  • Clothing
  • Faux plants
  • Children’s items (see our resale boutique at http://www.hoot-n-annie.com
  • Items with mildew
  • Stained, broken, flawed items or items that do not function properly
  • Items with odors or pet hair
  • Sleeping pillows
  • Electronic gadgets unless NEW in packaging
  • Items without batteries
  • Items without working light bulbs

Up-Cycling Buyout

If you have brought in an item that we are unable to sell in it’s current condition, we may still be able to help you out!

With our Up-Cycling Buyout option, we can offer you cash on the spot for your currently unsellable item and turn it into something new in our workshop. We will have a chart that breaks down buyout pricing based on the item size and level of damage. Once you have been paid, the item will become property of Hoot-n-Annie Home and we will work our magic and it will be sold as store-owned merchandise.

All buyouts are final. All sales are final.

News + Events

Holiday Hours

It’s almost 2020!! Where are the flying cars and the Rosie robots? Ha! We will be closing at 4pm on 12/31/19 and will be CLOSED on 1/1/2020 to ring in the New Year. We hope you have a fabulous start to 2020!!


Send Us Your Pics!

Have an item you would like to consign? Submit photos for review along with your info and item info and we’ll be in touch soon! Questions? Send those too!

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We love SW Portland! We are located in Raleigh Hills right next to Western Pet Supply and Sesame Donuts! Can’t wait for you to visit!

Have questions or comments? Please send us an email at or give us a ring at 503-477-4708!

Traveling by Bus?

We’ve got you covered! Here are the bus lines that come our way!

Bus #54, 55, 56 & 61.