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We want to know what YOU want! Particularly when it comes to getting out and doing something here in your community! We have become a great gathering space and want to host more monthly events. So far, we have an open-mic reading series called Welcome Home that we host on the 1st Wednesday of every month. Along with that we would like to add a monthly music night and potentially a craft night too!

For the music event, we want to host a different jazz duo or trio each month. It would be compiled with well known local musicians and our very own general manager as the host! We hope to have it run from 7-9 with music from the band for the first hour and possibly an open-mic the second half.

As for the craft night, we’d love to host a social and inclusive knit/crochet/create event where you can gather with your neighbors in a cozy space, work on your current projects and strike up conversations that will most undoubtedly be supportive, therapeutic and inspirational! We love the idea of getting our community together!

All these events will be free to attend!

Would that be something you are interested in? Are their certain nights of the week that are best? Is there something else that would be of value to you? We would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts and suggestions and tell us what YOU want via email at ">.

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