Thank You For Your Support!

We cannot thank everyone enough for the wonderful support we have received since reopening! The love for small business in Portland is so strong and we can really feel it!

We are plugging along as best we can and are so impressed with how well people are adhering to safety procedures and intentional shopping and enthusiastic browsing! If we could ask for anything from our customers right now it would simply be that you share your experience at our store with others. Word of mouth is a powerful thing. And it is so easy! Tell a family member, a friend, co-worker or neighbor about us. Mention a great conversation with a staff member or the owner. Talk about something fun you saw on your last visit, something nostalgic or something rare or unusual. Those few sentences have a huge impact on a small business especially during these times!

So pop in, check us out and let everyone know what it was like! That is the greatest gift you can give to a local business! We thank you and we look forward to the opportunity to see you again!

thank you

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