Most Wanted!

Want to know the most wanted and requested items? This list will be updated as requests change! We still would love to look at all your other furniture and decor pieces, these just happen to be the ones that come in and go out the fastest!

We are getting lots of requests for the following items! Please send us a pic of your great condition items on this list for pre-approval to and we will reply and set up a time for you to bring it in!

Your community loves supporting local businesses and this business happens to be filled with your things! How great is that! We have a 60 day consignment period and a standard 50/50 split and with a smaller-scale consignment store, your item will stand out instead of being buried among too much overwhelming inventory!

Every thing has a someone. It is ok if it is no longer you!

most wanted desks

Here’s What Everyone Wants!

  • Desks – from beautiful antiques to the basic college student desk everyone needs a place to write and do their work! We welcome all styles, sizes and material. Just be sure they are in great shape!
  • Dressers – for this item, functional is winning over form. The more elaborate ones are not selling as well but a great condition good ol’ fashion dresser is snatched up quick.
  • Couches – Bright colors and neutral solids do best! Love seats, chaise lounges, sectionals, standard size and sleeper sofas all get requests. Microfiber, tweed fabrics and leather do great!
  • Lamps – lighting has been a big hit and an easy purchase to pop in the car for someone needing a bit more light! Clean-line, modern lamps are doing best but we can look at other styles of table or floor lamps. Hanging lamps and sconces are too hard to showcase and do not do well. Be sure your lamp is in good working order and comes in with a bulb.
  • Art – Art work is flying off the shelves! Bold bright colors are the new fave over the muted grey tones but those still do well too. There are a few styles that don’t do well so send a picture first to save yourself some trouble and we will reply right away! Artwork without frames are not selling and be sure to inspect your frame too for any flaws.

The most wanted items can change quickly so check back often! Looking forward to consigning with you!

Don’t forget to check out our women and children’s resale store located 2 miles away in the heart of Hillsdale! We have a most wanted list there too! You can find out all you need to know here: